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Pavel Kubů

Intel, Business Development Manager
  • Visualization of ultrasound findings in critically ill newborns   |   Kongres ITAPA 2012: Zaostrené na výsledky
    The purpose of the lecture is to present and describe the system of archiving and assessment of ultrasound findings in critically ill newborns. In recent years, the range of possible examinations and displaying directly at a patient's bedside has grown radically. The basic examination is done using ultrasound medical device Aloka Alpha 6. The purpose of  ultrasound examination in newborns is: 1. detection of life-threatening morphological developmental defects of organ systems, 2. assessment of circulatory characteristics, 3. assessment of effectivity of selected intervention procedure, 4. assessment of possible damage to tissue and organs. During examination, static, dynamic and computer-modified images are stored. Storing of video sequence, which assesses dynamics of tissue movement, is part of the examination. The recorded data are then stored in a hard disc drive of ultrasound device and laptop via WiFi. A large-screen display is produced using a high-power tablet. The purpose of this system is to store data in different places while linking them to a database of patients. In addition, the system is aiming at fast and simple access to information about patients during daily medical rounds directly at patients' bedside (incubator with a lot of equipment) and information displaying on a large screen for physicians, nurses, parents, as well as for medical students and trainees. The system enables easy selection and comparison of findings. The diagnoses are parallelly supported by digital data.
    Main positive points of the project. Safe archiving, fast overview of findings, comparison of findings, continual education, elimination of necessity to expose a patient to repeated examinations in the event of unclear findings. Higher level of communication and more effective and early intervention. 
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