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The ambition is to make the information the Office has available without the need of requesting it – simply, effectively, for everyone.  
The City of Prešov provides complex information about demographic composition, number and kinds of statistics related to residents of the city, names and localization of all the streets in the city, information about businesses and their opening hours, bodies handling claims related to closed businesses, lists of dogs, budget and others, using a web application. These are various information from the existing registers, compiled at the Office when the original and delegated competencies are carried out. All the information are interconnected with the internal information system of the city, therefore they are updated on a daily basis and are always up-to-date.
The data maintained in registers are interconnected also with the geographical information system and subsequently visualized in maps.
The City of Prešov has published, as the first local government, the lists of tax debtors with the aim to positively motivate the tax payers to fulfill their tax liabilities vis-à-vis the City of Prešov, which is the administrator of local taxes and fees, and to improve their payment discipline. As a result, the outstanding debt decreased by more than 85 thousand euro.

Lecture topics:
•    eGovernment projects – information systems, applications and online services
•    use of geographical information systems, their practical use, application of interconnection of descriptive and spatial data

Mariana Hurná

City Hall of Prešov
Mariana Hurná graduated with highest honours in Economy and Industry Management at Technical University in Košice. She worked as an independent senior IT programmer (analyst) in the Enterprise of Management Rationalization in Agriculture and Nutrition. After she hold the same position in the Regional Institute of Monuments and also in the J. A. Reiman Polyclinic Hospital in Prešov. Since 1996 she has been working in the IT Department of Prešov City Hall as IT system administrator, expecially Oracle technology and Applications platform. During 19 years work for the City Hall Mariana had higher and strategic responsibility as IT manager and Project manager for ICT. In 2008, 2009 and 2012 she was awarded as the best IT person within sel…
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