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Roman Russev

Microsoft Slovakia s.r.o., Technical Evangelist
2004 – 2007
PhD study, specialization software engineering

1996 – 2001
University of Economics Bratislava, Faculty of economic informatics

Engineer study – specialization software engineering

Microsoft history    
2007 -     
Microsoft Slovakia s.r.o.
- Technical Evangelist
Windows 8 Champ, Academic Developer Evangelist, NextWeb Lead, IE specialisation, Live@Edu Deployment, LSE
Top presentations      
TechDays Slovakia       
Daily Web
Microsoft Technology Da&
Academic: more than 10 Academic DevDays as technology top events on universities with 2500+ attendants, 200+ university lectures on SW development topics
Special Silverlight development lectures for WUG Slovakia 

DevDays Slovakia

Microsoft Innovations Forum

Corporate projects: Acting as IE main consultant for large scale IE developer and distribution projects. Top 3:
- – biggest Slovakian web site IEAK plus IE optimization
- – TV streaming improvements & IEAK deployment
- – IEAK and Silverlight implementation

MediaRoom improvements: Managing MediaRoom on Xbox in Slovakia
  • Digital lifestyle in enviroment of enterprise   |   Kongres ITAPA 2012: Zaostrené na výsledky
    The use of IT technologies at work and at home is always different. We encounter different requests concerning applications, safety, administration, as well as comfort of use. New ways of operation and new devices destined for private use are more and more taken for the basis by the new generation of enterprise solutions. The new generation will allow for, on the one hand, preservation of the existing critical business applications, provide the necessary level of safety and manageability, and on the other hand for user experience and entertainment connected with private use of information technology. The ecosystem and user experience connected with Windows 8 brings a generational change and transforms the steady paradigms about information technology and enterprise environment.
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