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Filip Vagač

Government Office Slovakia, Plenipotentiary SR for the development of citizen society

•    Graduated at Comenius University in Geophysics in 1991
•    One of the leader of Velvet revolution in 1989, member of National Student Board
•    Chairman of Youth Council of Slovakia, umbrella organization for children andyouth movements in Slovakia (1991 – 1996)
•    Director of Children of Slovakia Foundation, biggest grant making foundation for children and young people (1996-2000)
•    First secretary of Slovak Embassy in Washington DC, ( during the Slovak accession to EU and NATO) 2000-2003
•    Ashoka, Director for Central and Eastern Europe 2003-2008
•    Director of CP Consult, consultancy company for EU structural funds with 7 branch offices
•    Currently Plenipotentiary of Slovak Government for Development of Civil Society
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