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The wheat and the chaff – Findingreal value in e-participation initiatives

/ Keynote
Technology enabledparticipationis at the heart of the open government movement. During the last decade many e-participation initiatives have emerged across the European Union, mostly driven top-down by governments at different levels. Given the amount of public funds spent on e-participation projects during the last five to ten years, compared to the limited results achieved in everyday life, the following questions arise: (1) What does ‚success‘ mean in the specific context of e-participationand(2) howcanwemakesurethataddingthe‚e‘to traditional participation tools and practices adds value to democractic decision making and public service delivery? This presentation highlights the key components of a methodological framework for the evaluation of e-participation projectsin the context oftheEU‘s e-governmentpolicy.

Christine Leitner

Center for European Public Administration
Christine Leitner is Head of the Center for European Public Administration (CEPA) at Danube University Krems (AT). She has been leading the European eGovernment Awards since their launch in 2003. From 1997 – 2006 she was Senior Lecturer at the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), the Netherlands. From 1995- 1997 she headed the EU coordination unit in the Ministry for Economic Affairs in Vienna. In 1995 she was seconded to the European Commission. She is course director of the Executive Master of Public Administration at Danube University Krems and author of various publications in the field of eGovernment. She was a speaker in a number of international conferences on eGovernment, and acted as delegate to the EPAN eGovernme…
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