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Munir Ismet

Hewlett-Packard EMEA, Vice President for Public Sector, Healthcare and Life Sciences Industries
Munir Ismet is the Vice President for Public Sector, Healthcare and Life Sciences Industries for Hewlett Packard’s (HP) Europe Middle and Africa (EMEA) region. In his role Munir is responsible for HP’s  strategy across EMEA in the areas of Central Government, Local Government, Justice & Public Safety, Education, Defence and Healthcare. Munir and his team work very closely with our customers and partners (Systems Integrators and Application Software vendors) in order to share HP’s vision as well as creating HP’s go to market initiatives and value propositions in these markets.
Public Sector, Healthcare and Life Sciences sectors are key markets for HP, wherein HP has invested substantially in the past years and continues to do so. HP’s innovative hardware, software, technology and services products, are created and engineered to deliver the optimum solution for these sectors and currently underpin many of the key projects across EMEA and globally.
HP’s products are used in the areas of Shared Services, Private Clouds, Finance, Human Resources, eHealth and Telehealth, Clinical Trials, Clinical Research and many other projects .
In his 25years in the IT industry, Munir held a number of management positions in some of the leading IT companies in the industry, focusing in Public Sector, Education, Healthcare and Life Sciences Industries. During this time, Munir has been involved in some of the leading Healthcare national and regional IT projects in the UK, Spain, Middle East, Turkey, Hungary and many other countries. 

  • Role of IT in delivering eHealth   |   Kongres ITAPA 2011: Desať rokov inspirácií
    Healthcare industry is under constant scrutiny and financial pressure. This is even more evident as a result of the current economic crisis. Ageing population, new advances in medical technology and more demanding patients and medical staff are also increasing this pressure. Governments are trying to put in place eHealth infrastructure to provide more accurate, more timely and effective service to patients and medical professionals and trying to do all this with reduced budgets. Healthcare Providers are having to deal with increased demand from patients by making their systems more efficient and customer focused whilst having to watch the cost of the service that they provide. Healthcare Payors are trying to reduce the cost of operations and treatments by optimising process. In his presentation, Munir, will assess the role of IT in delivering innovative eHealth solutions, how these solutions can help governments, providers, payors and patients, work towards achieving their goals and objectives. IT will not solve the problems of health but it will help provide accurate and efficient information to enable the doctors, patients and payors to maximise the resources and money to deliver a better, integrated / connected service which can be accessed securely by anyone who has the permission to do so, from anywhere, using any device.
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