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Kay Hooghoudt

Atos , Global Strategy & Business Development Manager Education & Public Administration
•    Kay joined Atos in 2007 as Account Director for Education in the Netherlands. Since 2011 he has broadened his role as Global Strategy & Business Development Manager Education & Public Administration. 

•    Kay has a clear vision on Technology  in the public sector, in particular in Education.  Amongst others he has introduced the Olympic Games as a unique business case in Higher Education including visiting in 2010 Vancouver , Canada with Executive Board members during the Winter Games and also in a recent pre-Olympic Visit to London 2012.

•    He has designed a new clear strategy and position for Atos in Education and positioned a vast network at Boardroom level. Developing strategies for Executives how to use Technology enabling them to withstand challenges they face in  present fast moving world.  He believes in new Technology like Cloud  that can connect The New Generation , giving an answer to consumerization, globalization, cost pressure and  profiling Universities, Business Schools and K12.

•    Kay has a long track record in Government Services, with over 10 years in senior management positions. He has a vast experience in developing national and international strategies and sharing best-practices in implementing  (EU-) policies.

  • Innovation with Technology for better Education   |   Kongres ITAPA 2011: Desať rokov inspirácií
    Every Board member of an Educational institution is more than aware of the demanding challenges they face these days. Staying connected to The New Generation, the growing consumerization of society the students grow up in, increasing demand for more flexibility and at the same time cost pressure in a more competitive economy. And finally globalization which forces institutions in competing amongst each other for better ranking on one hand but also more international cooperation on the other. The speed with which new technologies like Cloud services are introduced in the market now enables Universities, Business Schools but also High & Primary schools to finally give an answer to these ever demanding challenges. Being the largest European Technology Service Integrator, Atos has a clear vision and a long track-record on how Technology can be an enabler for Education.
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