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Michal Páleník
Michal Páleník, PhD. graduated universities in the fields of mathematics, logistics and econometrics. From his school years, he is active user of free software and co-organiser of several activities and conferences focused on free software. Since 2008 he is active participator of OpenStreetMap project, in 2009 to  2010 he was the vice chairman of Freemap Slovkia, Slovak chapter of OSM. Currently he is teaching subjects OpenStreetMap I and II at the Comenius University.

  • OpenStreet Map   |   Kongres ITAPA 2011: Desať rokov inspirácií
    This speech will focus on introduction to project OpenStreetMap. After slight structural definitions we will describe several technical outputs, which we made possible thanks to openness of these data (mobile maps, printed versions, 3D maps, other colour schemes, routing, searchnig, geocoding, ...) and also thematic maps (hiking, cycling, car, whitewater, sea, ...). We will also pay attention to the reasons of creating the OpenStreetMap project, mainly from the point of view of accasibility and compatibility of geo data, so from the OpenData point of view.
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