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What can Slovakia learn from eHealth implementations in the EU?

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The presentation will use the results of a recently concluded EC study on the progress of eHealth in the EU to identify common challenges in the implementation and financing of eHealth that will provide insights for the ongoing Slovakian efforts to implement eHealth on a national level. As beneficiary of the epSOS large scale pilot on interoperable patient summary and ePrescription services, Slovakia has already gained important insights into the concrete challenges of implementing interoperable services. Key results from the epSOS project will therefore be part of the presentation.

Jörg Artmann

Jörg Artmann received master degrees in International Relations and European Studies from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po), Paris, and the London School of Economics. During his postgraduate education, he focused on decision-making analysis and European Po-litical Economy. He joined empirica in 2006 and is currently working on an analysis of eHealth Strategies of EU and EEA Member States. The focus of the study is on the progress achieved against the objectives of the eHealth Action Plan. Jörg also supports the epSOS large scale pilot project on patient summary and ePrescription as part of the administrative management team. His previous projects focused on patient safety and healthcare systems research.
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