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Cloud Services from ST – nothing unexpected

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The shift of TELCO operators towards providing Cloud services might be evaluated as natural and expected step. This steps will bring into this segment of services a traditional emphasis on quality and availability of such services, which is common in TELCO world and a new view on design of individual services as well as interfaces for its handling. For existing TELCO providers it is a chance to increase their complexity and move to a segment of ICT providers and also leave the traditional and mostly clumsy habits in the way they install its services and changes in parameters from users’ point of view behind.

Marián Hanko

Slovak Telekom
Education : 1986-1991 - Faculty of  Electrical Engineering  Ing.-title obtained in 1991 Employment : 1992-1993 – SEAK, Music and Welding systems - developer 1993-1995 – KŘIŽIK, Measurement systems - developer 1995-present – ST, a.s, Present Position : Team leader of  Customer solution team Managing and Project Leadership : ST NGN – Bigest ATM provider´s data network in SK ST MPLS – First and bigest provider´s IP/MPLS data network in SK ST MEN – First and bigest provider´s Ethernet Network in SK ISURUS – Multifunctional communication system
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