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Outline introduction to digitized handwritten signature technology and its use to streamline and automate processes, cost savings in creating and processing documents. Through signature tablets are documents signed by handwritten signature directly in electronic form. Created electronic documents meet the same regulatory requirements to maintain writing as is the case with the signature with ink on paper. Signing of documents maintains existing practices and minimizes interference with existing processes and systems, allowing to get rid of the "paper processing" contracts, agreements, applications, orders, forms, or any other documents that require signatures, with the return of investment within one year. PosAm bSign solution also brings digitized signature technology to payment terminals, portable tablets like iPAD and Android devices, smart phones and the virtual environment applications.

Leo Barysz

PosAm, spol. s r.o.
Ing. Leo Barysz (1964). Graduate Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering University of Zilina, Department of Cybernetics in transport and communications. Between 1990 - 2000 he worked in various positions as assistant, programmer, consultant, sales, manager, which gained experience in programming applications for specialized equipment, design and management, network infrastructure, focusing on advanced technologies and automation of payment processes, development of managerial skills . From 2000-2005 he worked for an international company NCR, later Printec Slovakia, where he worked as a consultant, head of application development, director of professional services. From 2005-2010 he worked for First Data International, where he…
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