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Jesper Thestrup

In-JeT ApS, managing director
He received his MSc. in EE from the Technical University of Denmark in 1974 and later obtained degrees in business administration from the Copenhagen Business School and INSEAD. He worked for a number of years in for a leading electronics company in Denmark and in the USA. From 1987 he was Managing Director of a global electronics research company in scientific instrumentation. He founded In-JeT ApS in 1997 and is presently president and principal shareholder. He has been involved in ICT programme activities for over 10 years, including FP6/FP7 projects, ESPRIT, CRAFT, and eTEN. He was Technical Manager of the eu-DOMAIN project and presently manages the requirement engineering process in the several large IP projects. He has done extensive work on concepts for internet of things solutions and has authored and co-authored papers on business modelling and socio-economic aspects of internet based services.
  • Private Sector Experiences   |   Kongres ITAPA 2011: Desať rokov inspirácií
    The EU Research Programme is complex and is perceived to be accessible only to universities and research institutions. This presentation will focus on how the private sector, a technology SME, has managed to do substantial R&D activities in EU partnerships and derived commercial products. On such example is in the area of eDemocracy, i.e. engaging citizens in the democratic processes, where we participated in a eTen deployment project with a webcasting, which today is a successful product and service in several European Countries. Another example is an ongoing research project that provide infrastructure for food traceability and product life-cycle management.
  • Discussion   |   Kongres ITAPA 2011: Desať rokov inspirácií
    Discussion - Jiří Prúša, Ministry of interior CR - Anton Lavrin, Technical University Kosice - Igor Kočiš - Jesper Thestrup, Denmark
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