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Innovation@work within e-Government

/ Keynote
This lecture will cover how ICT does contribute to the innovation agenda of the government. Innovation can be “out of the box” thinking, “doing more with less”, and “doing better with the same”. There is a top town governmental agenda to offer better services to citizens, and reduce cost. There is also a bottom up operations agenda, where efficiency, and reduction of complexity play. Cloud computing, open government data, and mobility are some key enablers. HP has several key references which will be shared, to underpin this innovation@work within governments.

Wilfried Grommen

Hewlett-Packard EMEA
Wilfried Grommen is Chief Technology Officer within HP for the large international governmental organizations like UN, NATO and EU. In this role he acts as the technology visionary from HP, offering a total viewpoint on the offerings of HP. At this stage the core debate mostly focuses around the cloud readiness of an organization, the internet end to end security architecture, and the overall application maintenance.  Before that time, Wilfried worked for 10 years within Microsoft EMEA and CEE. He was chief technology officer dealing with interoperability, innovation, standards and the dialogue with governments around e-government and public private partnerships.  He managed the project office to launch Microsoft’s citizenship or corpora…
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