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György Nagyházi

Information society projects and Public administrational programs, Consultant and trainer
Institution    Central European University Budapest
Date: from - to    1996-1998
Degree or diploma obtained    MA and MPhil in Political Science

Institution    Glasgow University
Date: from - to    1992-1993
Degree or diploma obtained    Non degree year at the Political Science Department

Institution    Kossuth Lajos University of Debrecen
Date: from - to    1987-1992
Degree or diploma obtained    Teacher of History and Philosophy (MA)

7.  Language skills: (1 to 5 for competence 5 being the highest)
Language    Reading    Speaking    Writing
English    5    5    5
8.   Membership of professional bodies :
    Secretary of the Hungarian Quality Association’s public administrational group

9.    Computer literate: Windows, Word, Excel, e-mail, Internet

10. Key qualifications:
•    Exam from Public Administration, 1994

11.  Specific Foreign Countries experience :
Country    Date: from – to
United Kingdom, Scotland, Glasgow    1992-1993
Yugoslavia    2001-2002
Romania    2002

12.    Professional Experience Record:
Date: from - to    1998 -
Location    Tata
Company    Self employed
Position    Consultant and trainer in community developmental, information society related projects and Public administrational programs
    •    Writing a report on the Hungarian government’s communication policies. This report –as part of the UNDP project: Improving communication between government and citizens- deals with effectiveness and coordination of the governmental communication policies, from the point of view of “good governance”.

•    Taking part of the USAID financed Telecenter program in Yugoslavia, coordinated by the DemNet (Hungary), which resulted the setting up of 65 operating Telecenters in Serbia and in Vojvodina. I have been taking part in the monitoring of the telecenters, and also in the training of the telecenter managers.

•    Coordinator of the telecottage manager-training program in Hungary, which also includes trainer tasks.

•    Participating in the decision-making committee of the Hungarian Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development’s rural developmental fund in the year 2001 and I’m also participating in it in 2002.

•    Working for the Hungarian Telecottage Association’s public benefit company. My work here is focused on ITC and Internet related programs in the fields of public and local governmental administration.

•    Development of the Hungarian National Telecottage Strategy

•    Setting up of the first Hungarian local governmental best practice database, both as an editor and also as collector of best local governmental practices. (Kútfő)

•    Participating in the making of local governmental value declaration of the town of Szombathely, and also have taken part in several trainings as a trainer, in several local governmental training programs for local councilors.

•    Manager of Hungarian – Swedish PHARE project, which was focused on the organizational options of communal services. This project was aimed to produce a concept-paper examining the possibilities of implementing the methodology and business model of the Stockholm MFO, a special company of the city of Stockholm.
•    Collecting the best local governmental practice case studies for the publication of the Hungarian Local Governmental Training Foundation titled as: The Methods of Open Local Governance.
•    Participating in the survey project of the Local Governmental Institute (affiliated with the Open Society Institute), which has been focused on the current state of developmental planning, and land usage in four selected Hungarian local governments.

•    Writing a study for the Regional Environmental Center (REC) on the local governmental environmental policies and legislative framework, as part of the Qualitative Requirements and Framework for Environment and Transport Telematics Country Report on HUNGARY. The report is describing the local governmental environmental policies and practices.

Date: from - to    1993 until 1997
Location    Tata, Hungary
Company    The Local Government of Tata
Position    In charge for Restructuring the Town’s Institutions and Institution based services
Description    •    Prepared the austerity plan for restructuring the town’s institutional system –to meet with the available resources and demand-, which has been approved by the city council, and proved to be successful.
•    Responsible for all the city's educational, social and cultural institutions. This position also included the management of two city funds, the educational, and the cultural funds. My job included the responsibility for continuous management of the educational and cultural committee of the City Council, preparing materials for decision making, both for the committee and for the City Council sessions.
•    The management of the two funds involved the entire administration of the applications, from the yearly announcement, through the evaluation, to the notification of the applicants. In this process, I was working with a jury, and with a decision making committee as well

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