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Jaroslav Šolc

Prague City Hall , Head of the strategic development unit of the IT department
Mr. Solc is an expert on information society development, eGovernment and evironment issues, particularly in cities. At the moment he is Head of the strategic development unit of the IT department of the Prague City Hall and continues in this role after four years period of work for the Union of Towns and Municipalities (SMOCR) and consulting company SIKS. He has long time experience in international cooperation with associations of cities and regions (EUROCITIES, CEMR, Elanet, GCD), strategies for ICT in public administration (Strategy Towards ePrague) and specific projects focused on benchmarking, e-participation and environment (eCitizenship for All, LORIS, Golden Crest, Prague environment information system, Atlas of the Prague´s environment).
Since 2001 is a member of ICT Committee of the SMOCR (KISMO). He actively promotes topics associated with wide spectrum of ICT use in development of cities and regions like Smart Cities and Local Digital Agenda as well as opportunities for wider cooperation and experience sharing e.g. within projects funded by Communitary Programmes of the EU. He cooperates also with the Vysocina Region on international projects (CEMSDI, LDA-V4).
  • Local Digital Agenda in V4 Countries (LDA-V4) – Digital Agenda for Europe in the eyes of local governments   |   Kongres ITAPA 2012: Zaostrené na výsledky
    The countries of the Visegrad Four in the V4 region are interconnected by similar procedures of the two decades of democratization of society, decentralization of public administration and implementation of ICT to process the state agenda and carry out activities which belong  purely to the scope of responsibilities of local governments. The procedures implemented in individual countries of the V4 take the strategic concepts, adopted by and discussed on the EU level, including Digital Agenda for Europe, for the basis. For regional self-government units, the typical areas from the point of view of implementation of ICT and innovations are: electronic communication of residents with authorities, work with data about the area, care about sustainable growth of the municipality/region and other fields related to local governments. The other important tasks carried out by regional self-government units are: support of eParticipation of residents, involving them in the events in the municipality/region and strengthening of partner relationships with municipalities and regions of other countries in order to cooperate and exchange experience within a broader, international context.
    Project Local Digital Agenda in V4 Countries (LDA-V4) concentrates on the mapping of situation in the V4 countries from the point of view of strategic framework, institutional arrangement, legislative environment, use of the programs of financing and cooperation, state and local governments. The project further compares the situation in V4 countries in the European as well as worldwide context on the basis of indicators for the field of ICT and eGovernment. It presents examples of good practices, overall assessment of the situation in V4 countries and brings ideas for further actions. At the ITAPA conference, the preliminary results of the almost completed project LDA-V4 will be presented. Vysočina region is in charge of the project in cooperation with the partners from V4 countries.
  • European Funds for Research and Development in Czech Republic   |   Kongres ITAPA 2011: Desať rokov inspirácií
  • Prague - eStrategies and projects   |   Kongres ITAPA 2004
  • Development Strategy for informatics in the capital city Prague   |   Kongres ITAPA 2003
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