Gabriel Lachmann

Ing. Gabriel Lachmann was born in 1976. He was studing at FEI STU in Bratislava, majoring in automation. In 1999 he was a co-founder and CEO of software company Elline s.r.o., that dealt with supply of internet portals, bank and stock market systems. In 2003 he coordinated fusion of companies Elline and Euromove, that eventuated in formation of system integrator EEA s.r.o. Since 2003 he has functioned in EEA s.r.o. on the position of business director (CBO). He is a co-founder of civil association Utopia and a member of Society for open information technologies.

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  • Discussion

  • OpenData as the integration platform for citizens and public administration

    OpenData is the idea based on which certain data and information system interfaces should be freely available for everyone to use and republish
    as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control.
    The use and application of the principles of openness in the public administration and among the citizens has many important consequences
    which influence the very character of our society. Many organizations worldwide are addressing these phenomena. workgroup,
    operating as a participative community of the project, is striving to bring enlightenment and important innovations from the OpenData
    domain to the Slovak environment. The workgroup is concentrating on the topics such as standards and quality of published data and system
    interfaces as well as topics of availability, publishing and visualization.
    The presentation during the ITAPA congress will address the potential of multiple applications of OpenData interfaces for the purpose of optimal
    integration of services and data between the public administration, citizens and third sector as well as among the individual organizations of the
    public administration.
  • OpenData and Transparent Society

  • Open Public Administration – Publishing of Information According to Wikinomics Principles

    The world keeps on changing under the influence of Internet, globalization and global cooperation. Concepts applied by companies based on principles of competition seem to be self-destructive. Companies and organizations that want to succeed in the future should apply principles of open cooperation, sharing and participation. They would apply the Wikinomics principles. Revolutionary new solution for effective cooperation is sharing and equal access to information. Public administration disposes of the data that should be undisclosed by transparent means. The presentation deals with possibilities of application of the Wikinomics principles in relation to a citizen, public administration and third sector, formed into a project of Open Public Administration
  • Content management system - a fashion trend or necessity