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Peter Mravčák

SAP Slovensko, Presales Consultant
Peter Mravčák is a graduate of Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Slovak University of Technology. After completion of his studies he attended to business development in Digital Equipment Corp. Later he work for various companies as a project manager and consultant in the field of business reengineering. Since 2001 he works for SAP Slovensko as a Presales Principal and Solution Architect.

  • SAP Solutions and Experience in eProcurement   |   Kongres ITAPA 2010: Tam, kde sa svety stretávajú
    Present environment calls for higher demands for transparency, effective costs management and reductions in procurement. Electronic auctions get a lot of attention. They are just one of many steps in complex process of procurement, ruled in public administration and their subordinate organizations by Law on Procurement. Integrated solutions for electronic procurement support and mechanize the process of procurement from requirements plan, identification of potential reductions and risks, specification of complex procurement demands, decision on form of procurement, market research, qualification of providers, management of procurement procedures and auctions, development and subsequent monitoring of contracts and fulfillments. Practice and benchmarks of independent analysts show that integrated solutions can significantly increase effectiveness and decrease error rate of the process, additional reductions and implement multiple reductions in comparison with partial solutions.
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