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AG Portal - Integration of geodata, business processes and client services within web environment.

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AG Portal is a web service and product in one. It integrates data and GIS functions with administration of business processes. It provides support for effective administration of processes related to providing of geodata for public and its related mandatory statements. It serves mostly analytical background data, statements on utilities infrastructure existence and availability within the given location and its current status. System provides tools for standardisation and automatisation of the processes, its effective monitoring and decreases administration costs for the clients. System is built on SOA architecture, OGC standards and can be used with proprietary or Open Source databases.

Radoslav Bonk

Ministry of Environment of Slovak Republic
Radoslav Bonk has graduated at Faculty of Natural Sciences UK in the field of Geography and Cartography in 1998. He enrolled for PhD program at Bratislava, but he postponed and is left for University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha (USA) for GIS master program. He graduates with Master’s Thesis defence at 2002 and is awarded numerous awards and achievements at american level. He participates at large international research programmes and cooperates with several renowned experts in GIS field where he developed several Open Source GIS implementation techniques. Later he did not accept opportunity for PhD program at USA and returned to Bratislava where he graduated with PhD dissertation at 2003 as one of the youngest graduates. He worked for Eu…
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