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Marek Líška

After finishing his university studies at the Faculty of National Economy, Economic University in Bratislava, major – insurance business, he worked for more than two years in the financial audit department of KPMG. After that he worked for DELL, also in finance. Since 2005 he works for company PosAm, his competencies include foreign activities of the company in area of public budgeting IT support and the municipality segment. At the present, beside other activities, he works in project management team of Budgetary information system (BIS) for municipalities.
  • Budgetary Information System for Municipalities   |   Kongres ITAPA 2010: Tam, kde sa svety stretávajú
    In times of eminent public spending cuts and ongoing money saving, the role of effective budget management at the level of municipalities grows continually. The new, centrally implemented Budgetary information system for municipalities has an ambition to help to improve the budget formulation and management process and at the same time to lower the costs of information technologies at the municipality level. This project brings to municipalities – at the end of the day to all of their subordinate organizations –a complex support of the whole budget cycle, including the sophisticated component of program structure management, its monitoring and evaluation.
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