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Transparency in Executive

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Transparency is often mentioned hand in hand with cost cutting. It is not a cure for all problems, but implementation of order and method – transparency – into management and processes is always followed by cost reduction. Every organization has its own way of process management but the goal is always the same – to be successful at the market and deliver high quality services. This cannot be achieved without acquisition of personal and material resources. The presentation will demonstrate advantages of public procurement transparency that can be supported by direct software tools.

Roman Tiefenbach

QBSW, a.s.
Work experiences:  2009- current   company QBSW a.s. – Software development company for Enterprise market segment in territory of  Slovakia and CEE. Job title:  Business Development Manager, Sales Managaer Description : Finding new customers in segment Enterprise, SK and CEE region                         ITSM / ITIL Communication strategy setup and implementation                         Seeking customer’s pains and gaps                         Finding adequate solution in triangle time, quiality, costs                         ITSM / ITIL projects preparation and controll                         Negotiating and contract creating                          Development and control of developing projects                         ITS…
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