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Jaroslav Juriga

Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic, Director of Department of Euripean Education Programmes and Policy
Kľúčové trendy a skúsenosti z implementácií SAP riešení na úrovni samospráv a regiónov vo svete.
Predstavenie konkrétnych prípadov:
-    komplexné riešenie  pre samosprávu 
-    integrácia portálového riešenia pre obyvateľov a spoločnosti na systémy riadiace vzťahy a komunikáciu s obyvateľmi, na finančné a účtovné systémy a na riešenia na výber daní a poplatkov.
-    rôzne prístupy k návrhu architektúry riešenia - od malého mesta až po celé regióny

Since 2008 up to the present day, Jaroslav Juriga acts as the head of the European Educational Policies and Programmes Department at the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the SR. Previously, he worked as an editor on the web portal, as a publisher of the economic weeklies Trend and Profit.

Currently, he is a member of the Advisory Committee of the European Commission for the European Qualifications Framework, takes part in the negotiations of the European Union Committee for Education and deals with the knowledge society issues within the Working Group on the Implementation of Europe 2020 Strategy. As a member of the Intenda Foundation Governing Board, he seeks to develop opportunities for active leisure time for young people. Jaroslav Juriga was a member of the Supervisory Board of the Student Loan Fund, a member of the National Team of Bologna Experts, of the Minister's Council of Education for Children and Youth and the Chairman of the Student Higher Education Council that represents the interests of university students in Slovakia.

He graduated at the University of Zilina in 2007 in the field of telecommunications, specialized in mobile communications and optical transmission systems. Both at home and abroad, he attended several short-term trainings aimed at the creation of qualification standards, strategic development of lifelong learning, productivity and management of working relations and implementation of the EU structural funds.

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  • European Qualification Frame   |   Kongres ITAPA 2010: Tam, kde sa svety stretávajú
    Development of new technologies and sophisticated manufacturing processes puts high demand for skilled labour. It is a challenge for the education sector. Education and training are different in different countries. The solution is to shift the definition of clear and transparent outcomes of the educational process, allowing comparison between them and create the space for cooperation between countries and institutions. A key tool in this regard is the European Qualifications Framework. It links national qualification systems of various countries into a common reference system, which significantly supports the mobility of citizens as well as workers and it also facilitates access to lifelong learning, which allows a flexible response to ongoing social and economic changes.
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