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Automatization of the files management, intern processes and document circulation - DMS KRAB

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The presented DMS system was implemented as a part of a complex solution of modernization of information technologies of a customer, currently in use as well as new ones. Besides, systems of technology control, telemetric systems, economic system, service system, customer information system and lot more were applied.

Our primary task was to apply a system for the administration of filing department, electronic circulation of documents, and securing electronic support of workflow processes as an addition of fundamental functionalities of other specialized systems in integrated, standard environment for users.

Main concerned works:

- Work of filing department administration pursuant to Act No. 395/22002 and the related Ordinance 628/2002

-  Related work of Supplier contract registration

-  Related work Internal regulations

- Work of receipt and registration of supplier invoices

-  Related work of Approving supplier invoices

-  Work of Receivable recovery

-  Work of Meetings

- Work of Internal order forms

-  Work of reception desk and gate house

Individual works use common modules OCR, Fulltext, workflow including specialized Work of Hierarchical tasks.

Karel Gajdaczek

2001 -  2003    Manager for IS Development,  Český Telecom, a.s. - securing consultations, analyses and supervision at development of new functionalities, adjustments and changes                         -applications, securing application support.                         The contractors participated in provision of rendered services. Managing team of 12 internal analysts and researchers, coordination of work of ca 30 external researchers. Responsibility for proposal and adjustment of functionality of 4 vast applications in the field of support of sale and registration of customers and services."                          2004                Senior Specialist – Analyst of CRM Aliatel, a.s. Responsibility for analysis or requirem…
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