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Information portal of Slovak Parliament. Realization concept, software platform, set of accessible data, communication possibilities with public

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The presentation introduces the website of the National Council of the Slovak Republic which is conceived as a multi-language portal, intended for the general public and which mediates the information on the National Council of the Slovak Republic, its function, composition and operation with emphasis on informing about the actual going on in it in the real time.

The concept is implemented on the basis of the proprietary platform of exe IT Constable Workflow implemented over the technologies and software tools of the company Microsoft. The created specialized programme subsystems automating individual work processes are served by authorized employees of the Office of the National Council of the Slovak Republic who by fulfilling their duties contribute to the portal by the data. The task of the classical web master can be excluded thus enabling to provide the public with extraordinary load of information immediately and in the highest possible quality.

Stanislav Dzurjanin

During 1983 – 1989 he was employed in the Research Institute of Informatics where at the beginning he worked in research and development of semi-conductive elements on GaAs basis, later he participated in development of system and application software for personal computers especially in the field of system drivers for OS MS-DOS (support of national environment – keyboards, screens, printers). He dealt intensely with system and application driver for OS MS-DOS and programme packages in the company PC-Services during 1988 – 1997. He also worked at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava as assistant professor. In 1994 he started his career in the company exe, s.r.o., in the position of the Manager of Microsoft Solution Provider prog…
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