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MLOps - AI symphony outline

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Dozens of AI models in production, efficiently and reliably, thanks to a unified technical infrastructure.
Sharing know-how and a collaborative approach, as the energy of joint development of the AI domain.
Freedom and space for the latest AI/ML innovations and trends in business practice.
3 key elements that, together with the MLOps approach, make up our AI symphony.

Jakub Novotný

Slovak Telekom
Jakub has been creating and shaping the fields of Machine Learning and AI at Telekom for more than 12 years. He went through several domains of the data world, from data analytics, data mining, through data science to technical topics - MLOps. He was a key figure in the migration of the internal AI/ML stack to the open-source environment. For many years he devoted himself to the development of the Next-best-action platform for predicting the best offer and action for B2C and B2B customers. Today, it is mainly about building an internal MLOps framework - Model Factory, an ecosystem for complex and at the same time effective management of AI/ML solutions. At the same time, the vision and motivation is the democratization of AI in the corpo…
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