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In an era when digital viruses choose their targets with the same relentlessness as their biological counterparts, the healthcare environment is becoming a battlefield of an invisible war. This presentation will take you to the epicenter of cyber defense, where the battle for patient health is played out not only in operating rooms, but also in digital databases full of sensitive data.

Andrej Aleksiev

Kreston Slovakia
Andrej Aleksiev is a partner in the consulting group Kreston Slovakia, where he manages the technology and cybersecurity department. After graduating from university in Italy and completing his PhD studies in Russia, he returned home to Slovakia, where he has been working in information technology for over 13 years. He is married, has 2 children and among other things enjoys ethical hacking and using state-of-the-art technologies to combat cyber attacks. As a philanthropist, he also supports activities outside of his profession, such as building a life-size bronze statue of Bratislava's great W. Kempelen in Bratislava.
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