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DISCUSSION "Closer to the clouds - opportunities brought by CLOUD"

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Patrik Plachý

Patrik Plachý started as a developer in C and later in C ++, Pascal and Python. He later programmed modules for Oracle Database and moved on to code design for Backends. He has helped customers deploy Enterprise systems and in recent years has focused on Linux, Clusterware and High Availability. He is currently a Senior Solution Architect at Red Hat, where he specializes in container development and its deployment on customer side in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
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Lukáš Elíz

As a representative of VMware in Slovakia, he has been helping customers use IT resources more efficiently since March 2018. One of its goals is to increase awareness of the complex portfolio of solutions that VMware brings not only in the field of data centers, but also in the management of hybrid clouds, end devices, the world of modern applications, networks and security. He studied International Trade and Entrepreneurship at the Pan-European University and spent the last 2 decades in the IT sector mainly in business and technical positions. After 15 years at the HW manufacturer, he saw that the future of IT lies in software-defined data centers and moved to VMware, whose main goal is to provide a digital foundation for innovation.…
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Zdenko Böhmer

Zdenko Böhmer graduated from the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. His career started in 1983 in SCP a.s. Ružomberok as a service technician for control systems and as a programmer in ELTRON, Ltd. and E.A.S. 1994 - 2001 S & T Slovakia - Customer Engineer, Head of Branch Office in Banská Bystrica responsible for supporting major customers with their complex environment. From 2001 to 2016 worked for HEWLETT-PACKARD SLOVAKIA in the following positions: 2001 - 2003 Customer Support Engineer, later managed the region of all V4 countries, Croatia, Slovenia and Romania, 2003 - 2004 as Account Support Manager, experience in DC consolidation and virtualization projects in the public, manufacturing and telecommunications sectors with …
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Roman Boba

Works at AUTOCONT s.r.o. , which is part of the ARICOMA group, as enterprise delivery manager. AUTOCONT is one of the largest suppliers of IT technologies in CZ and SK. In his work history, he worked as a systems engineer, he personally managed complex infrastructure and operational projects, he led team of system engineers providing key services for important commercial and public customers. He holds different certifications from leading manufactures of ICT technologies. 
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