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10 principles for my life in democracy

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Digital transformation is the main tool for improving our future. But there are some consequences of the digital transformation, created intentionally or accidentally, which contribute to the damage of our society based on democratic values. It is important that the creation of new business models as a result of digital transformation takes place within the framework of respect for democratic principles and legal regulations and that it benefits the entire society. We, as people of this new era, are not always able to see all the related risks that this digital revolution brings, so we created a document that should make it easier for us to implement digital transformation in our work or private lives: "10 PRINCIPLES FOR MY LIFE IN A DEMOCRACY".

"If you don't take care of me, I will leave you..."
                                                 Your democracy

Martina Le Gall Maláková

Industry Innovation Cluster Slovakia
She is dedicated to supporting the innovation ecosystem in the Slovak Republic, implementing the twin transition in both large and small enterprises (SMEs). It brings European initiatives such as EIT Manufacturing, Gaia–X to Slovakia. She is the co-founder of Slovak eDIH (SCDI). She is the founder of the Industrial Innovation Cluster (PIK), which supports joint international projects involving research in universities, practice, policy makers and the public. The number of these projects is still growing and they have reached the stage of invitations from leading countries for the participation of Slovak subjects in these projects. In 2021, PIK established together with MIRRI Gaia–X Hub Slovakia, which is involved in the Gaia–X initiative…
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