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DISCUSSION "Can "Unhackable" Infrastructure be Designed?"

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Ivan Makatura

Cyber Security Competence and Certification Center
Director-General of the Cyber Security Competence and Certification Centre, Member of the Management Board of the European Centre for Sectoral, Technological and Research Competences, forensic expert in the field of security and protection of information systems, certified auditor of cyber security, certified manager of cyber security and lead auditor of information security systems. He actively participates in the preparation of legislation and technical standards, including as a member of the ISO / IEC technical committee. He has been working in the IT branch for more than 30 years. He graduated from the Department of Computer Science and Applied Informatics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of the Technical U…
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Milan Pikula

Milan was fortunate to not only witness the transformation of society from paper-based to information-based, but also to be directly involved in it. He has been active in cyber security, software development, Unix/Linux, and networks for 30 years. He currently leads SK-CERT, the national cyber security incident response unit. His most popular topics are technical: low-level programming, penetration testing, malware analysis, building CSIRT capabilities, and troubleshooting. He co-authored several projects, including the security framework in the Linux OS kernel or the TCP/IP stack in the Z80 assembler. In his spare time, he teaches courses on binary vulnerabilities and forensic analysis at STU's Faculty of Informatics and Information Tec…
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Peter Pištek

Kempelenov Inštitút Inteligentných technológií
Peter is a researcher in the field of information security. He received his education at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, where after graduating his doctoral studies he worked as a researcher, teacher and vice dean. Since 2020, he has been working at the Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies as a Senior researcher, where he develops the field of information security with a focus on digital forensic analysis, phishing and anomaly detection in high-speed computer networks. He holds international CISA and CISM certificates. He actively leads and works on innovative industry projects in cooperation with companies. He also participates on several European projects.
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Ondrej Ciz

Ondrej has been working in the areas of management, security, networking and data centers for more than 16 years. All about this job is the opportunity to build relationships not only with partners and customers but also relationships within the team. He really enjoys communication with people and he always tries to be as professional as possible in this area, so that especially customers feel the support from the vendor and especially trust. He is open to new directions and possibilities that can not only move him, but especially the team to higher efficiency and even higher professionalism. He always worked first in a job role, then moved to the position of manager of this team.
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