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DISCUSSION "Successful women in Slovak startups"

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Michaela Šišková

Michaela Siskova graduated from the Department of Genetics at the Faculty of Natural Science at Comenius University in Bratislava. At the same time, Michaela attended the prestigious three-year educational program, Nexteria Leadership Academy, created for talented students who want to be a positive change for Slovakia. Michaela is co-founder of the Slovak biotechnology company DNA ERA, which focuses on non-invasive analysis and interpretation of DNA from human saliva. The main mission of DNA ERA is to help people understand their genes and live a healthier life through science and proven facts. In 2019, she received the title Entrepreneur of Slovakia in the “starting entrepreneur” category. In 2020, Michaela was part of prestigious Forb…
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Andrea Basilová

Andrea Basilová is the co-founder of the Slovak technology company Sensoneo, which develops and provides solutions for the digital transformation of waste management, which makes it possible to manage waste more efficiently and transparently. Since 2017, when the company was founded, they have been able to reach customers in more than 80 countries with their solutions. In the company, Andrea is responsible for overall communication, building international partnerships and collaborations, making use of her previous professional experience in marketing, PR and customer support.
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Eva Kováčová

Eva Kováčová is CEO of Slovak company Glycanostics that has developed early stage cancer diagnostic tests for detection of 11 types of tumours - Giasay. The tests are based on the analysis of glycans in blood. The company currently launches its prostate cancer test in Slovakia, to be followed by the breast cancer test at the end of 2023. Towards the end of 2023 they plan expansion to German market, to be followed by pre-launch activities in the USA. In addition to that Glycanostics starts the research work on lung and pancreatic cancer tests. Glycanostics is beneficent of highly prestigious European grants such as ERC, EIC Accelerator and EIC Transition grant. Prior to that she worked more than 18 years for some of the largest pharmaceut…
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