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Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic – DIANA

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The defense and security sector is more than ever under great pressure to be ready to use new and breakthrough technologies. Operational and combat domains are not only conventional environments, but the intensity of security risks is also increasing more and more in the field of cybernetics and other sophisticated systems. The defense capability of countries is not only defined by the number of fighter jets and traditional combat equipment, but also currently by the capabilities of the armed forces and security forces to use new technologies. Therefore, it is essential that the Ministry of Defense becomes a solid part of the innovation ecosystem in Slovakia and provides many opportunities for those who know how to modify their innovative technological ideas for the needs of the defense and security sector.

Currently, several initiatives and tools are being launched at the European and international level (NATO), which provide technological start-ups, companies, but also the academic sector with the opportunity to be part of research and development projects, to obtain a place in an innovation incubator or significant financial resources.

The Slovak Republic stood at the birth and is actively involved in the creation of tools such as the North Atlantic Defense Innovation Accelerator (DIANA) and the NATO Innovation Fund. The goal is not only to support the existence of such tools, but also to enable the Slovak innovation ecosystem to get involved in these initiatives and get the most out of them.
The Ministry of Defense of the SR tries to actively communicate with potential applicants and technological talents who are interested in offering their technologies for the needs of the defense and security sector. At the same time, in his communication, he does not forget the academic sector, which is an important driving force of research and development activities.

Michaela Kollárová

Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic
At the Ministry, she managed to build a strong professional team that manages the key task of identifying suitable investments, necessary for maintaining the status and developing the economic and social infrastructure of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic, including setting up financing models. The experience gained from the previous 18 years of working in management positions in public and state administration, primarily through work on investment and development projects financed from extra-budgetary sources, is also put to good use in the coordination of investment planning and project financing - not only in the departments of the Ministry of Defense, but also in his of subordinate organizations that have different fi…
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