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How the Pandemic Boosted the Quality of Collected Data

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The pandemic has set a new, never-before-seen pace of change to which society and the state must adapt. How was electronic communication with the state affected? How was this prestissimo managed?


Marián Bartoš
As a technically oriented person, after graduating from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Marián inadvertently brushed up his self-taught programming skills in order to continue working as a programmer in the field of databases for the next 12 years. This period allowed him, among other things, to recognize the high value of quality, granularity and structured data. To this day, he is a supporter of the claim that quality data is the gold bar in the hands of the client. This experience was valued over the years in projects from various domains of the IT world, until it resulted in the current role in the field of electronic forms. Now he has the opportunity to combine the view of the state's needs with the supervision of the technic…
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