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Medical Robotics - Where are we and where are we going

/ Lecture
Medical robots are here to stay!

The presentation gives a short overview of medical robots and outlines some future trends.


Gernot Kronreif

Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology (ACMIT)
Dr. Gernot Kronreif received his doctors degree in Technical Sciences in 1995 from the Vienna University of Technology with the special subject of Robotics. Between 1995 – 1996, he was employed with the „Department of Systems Engineering and Automation“ at the Scientific Academy of Lower Austria, followed by an employment as a Teaching Assistant at the „Institute for Handling Devices and Robotics“ at the Vienna University of Technology between 1996 – 1999. From 2000 - 2070, he was with the ARC Seibersdorf research GmbH, and until 2010 with PROFACTOR Research and Solutions GmbH, where he was leading the research group on "Advanced Service Robotics". Since 2010, he is the Scientific Director of the  “Austrian Center for Medical Innovation …
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