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Matúš Šesták

Ministry of Health of Slovak Republic, general director of the Digitization and Informatics Section
Matúš Šesták works as the General Director of the Digitization and Informatics Section at the Ministry of Health, where he primarily focuses on setting up process improvements and preparing projects to support the digitization of health care within the recovery plan. During the Covid 19 pandemic, he was involved in crisis management and the preparation of the e-bed application.

Prior to joining the Ministry of Health, he worked as the director of the analytical department of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, where he worked on public administration reform with a special focus on development and implementation for client-oriented services. At the Ministry of Interior, he also participated in the preparation of the OP EVS (Operational Program Effective Public Administration), the construction of the most modern CC in the Slovak Republic, the preparation and implementation of several national projects and the OECD report on the state of public administration in the Slovak Republic.
Matúš Šesták holds degrees from the Institutions, Economics and Politics of the European Union University of Bologna, Public Relations at the Friendship of Nations University in Moscow
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