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Karol Mikula

Water Research Institute
Work experience:

2003 – nowadays
Quality manager Water Research Institute (WRI):
    •    establishing, keeping up and nowadays improving of System of  Quality Management  according  to the standard STN EN ISO 9001:2009 in collaboration with accredited trial and calibration laboratories according  to the standard STN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ILAC G13:2007
    •    preparing Plans of Internal Audit of WRI and taking a part as Internal auditor in Internal Audit of System of Quality and preparing Plan of Education in the area of Quality in collaboration with accredited trial and calibration laboratories
    •    preparing WRI for Audit of (Re)Certification, obtaining Certificate of  Quality through certificating companies SKQS Žilina a DQS Germany, membership of WRI in international certificate network IQNet
    •    creation of report of holding system of quality for management of Institute
    •    leader of internal audit  also in accredited laboratories
    •    co-operation and communication with other certificate companies, partners and others organizations water management
    •    creation and responsibility of special information for web site and intranet of WRI  
    •    creation Anual reports WRI
    •    document preparation for the conferences, seminaries and work-shops
    •    creation filing cabinet  rule
    •    attend of board of general manager and data processing from this board
    •    planning and performance internal audits
2001- 2003 (WRI)
Financial agent 
2000   (Telequest, s.r.o. Bratislava)
Sales assistent 
2000   (Telequest, s.r.o. Bratislava)
Agent of Telemarketing 
2000 (Greyham, Ltd. Bratislava)
Business agent
1997- 1998 (Kooperatíva a.s. Bratislava)    
 External agent
1994 (Slovak Capital Investment fund of Žilina)
External agent
The University of Žilina,
Faculty of Management and Information Technology
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