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We are entering the EXA-scale era of supercomputing. What are the challenges and effects of promoting innovation?

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The exponential growth of data, the requirements for real-time analysis and decision-making, the massive rise in the use of artificial intelligence methods, the acceleration of product development cycles through the use of so-called digital twins - these are just examples of the topics we face recently. In addition, things need to be addressed and assessed in full complexity and multidisciplinary, ie without simplifying prerequisites. The development of high-performance computing (supercomputing) is one of the key areas for strengthening our innovative capabilities on the road to building a knowledge economy and information society.
However, the supercomputer is just a tool, it is necessary to build the surrounding supporting ecosystem through new modern programming methods, improving applications, ways of accessing and sharing data and especially the development of human resources, their knowledge and skills.

The aim of the presentation is to present the perspective of HPE, a leading global supplier in the field of HPC and supercomputing, current trends, challenges and effects to support the innovation potential that the development of HPC and AI technologies brings.


Luboš Kolář

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
The HPE team  he strengthened in 2017 as part of the acquisition of SGI. At present, from the position of a representative of a multiregional team specializing in customers and solutions for HPC and the use of artificial intelligence methods, he covers the region of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. He has worked at SGI since 2000 in various sales and technical positions, most recently he was responsible for all business activities of the company in the Czech Republic and partly also in the wider region of Eastern and Southern Europe. In his free time, he enjoys recreational sports and travel.
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