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Program of digital competencies coordinators

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Program of  digital competencies coordinators: Bringing together technology companies for the development of digital competences and the effective use of digital tools in education.
The program of digital competences coordinators is a unique example of how it is possible to create a functioning ecosystem of companies, non-profit organizations and representatives of the pedagogical sphere, for the implementation of a quality educational program aimed at developing digital competencies of teachers and students and supporting digital transformation of schools. The ambition of the program is to bring innovative and practical teaching methods using technology to schools through a trained teacher - a coordinator of digital competencies. At the same time, the coordinator should provide support and assistance to his colleagues in applying these tools to the teaching process, regardless of the subject taught, and help them to improve their own digital skills. Part of the coordinator's role is also to contribute to the improvement of computer science teaching and the development of digital skills of students themselves, through the use of innovative tools and methodologies for computer science teaching and programming. Last but not least, the program aims to build a community of teachers for long-term knowledge sharing and mutual support.


Alena Kanabová

Accenture Advanced Technology Center in Central Europe
During her more than 20-year career at the global consulting and technology company Accenture, Alena Kanabová has worked on a number of projects for clients in the telecommunications, banking and utilities sectors, primarily on transformation programs associated with the implementation of technology solutions. She currently covers projects delivered to public sector clients within the Accenture Regional Technology Center, which employs hundreds of technology specialists in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. At the same time, she is the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at the local Accenture branch in Slovakia, where she leads the Corporate Citizenship Council and manages programs with a positive impact on the c…
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