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EBSI - European Blockchain Infrastructure in the Slovak Republic

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EBSI is an innovative project of the European Commission, which offers us interesting alternatives for solving many problems of e-government in Slovakia. In the presentation, we will introduce you to this technological platform and its operation, as well as examples of its use to address the challenges associated with the need to integrate various OVM. We will also explain why  just EBSI can play a key role in changing the interaction of the citizen with the state in solving various life situations.

Blockchain technology has the potential to significantly help digitize public administration and make many e-gov  services accessible to citizens  very easily. In the presentation, we will talk about why the use of blockchain technology is a breakthrough on the example of a digital file and why blockchain has the ambition to become a "digital highway" of the Slovak e-government.

Lukáš Hatala

DXC Technology
Lukas Hatala is technology evangelist and supporter of emerging digital technologies. He is known in European technology circles as expert in IoT, Blockchain and alternative deployment of AI workloads using analog chips.
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