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At Dôvera we understand the value of the data to which we have access. They help us with everyday decision-making as well as with planning. We are moving from reactive to predictive and prescriptive use. In other words, we know what happened and why, but we also want to know and understand what will happen and how we can influence it for the benefit of the patient.

Martin Fojtik

Dôvera, health insurance company
Martin Fojtik studied at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics at the Technical University in Košice. Immediately started working at the Sidéria - health insurance company as a programmer - analyst. In 2006, together with other colleagues, he moved to the new company Mediworx, which was established by separating IT department of Sidéria. Within Mediworx, Martin worked on all major projects of the transformation of the health insurance company Dôvera, whether it was the merge of Dôvera with Sidéria or Apollo, as well as during the exchange of the information system DaVinci. With the expansion of the team, he was promoted to manager and in 2012 took over the IT development department. During the transformation of mediworx i…
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