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Pei-wen Liu

Deputy General Director of Institute for Information Industry(Information and Communication Security Technology Center),Project Resource Division, Taiwan
Professional Experiences:

1.    2008~Present 
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), London, UK
Institute for Information Industry (III), Taipei, Taiwan

1.1 2008 – 2010
Turnaround Management (TAM) Project for HGspot, Croatia as Senior Industry Advisor (SIA) in areas of ICT organization optimization, operations improvement, system integration, and long term strategic planning

1.2  2009 – 2010

Turnaround Management (TAM) Project for Armenia and Georgia
as ICT Specialist (SP) in areas of ICT development and e-Learning

2.    1983~Present
Institute for Information Industry (III), Taipei, Taiwan
General Deputy Director, Project Resource Division
Director, Project Resource Division, Information Security Service Center

2.1 Domestic System Engineering Marketing and Development
Responsibilities included overall project marketing and management,
procurement, contract negotiation, managing and overseeing overall activities
pertaining to the conceptual design, operational planning, technical
implementation, procurement and customer acceptance in diverse national
projects of transportation and semiconductor industry.
(1) National Freeway Traffic Control System Integration Implementation
(2) Planning of Airport Automation System Integration
(3) Consultancy of Transition Operation and Training for CKS International Airport Terminal 2
(4) Smart Card Application in Transportation Fare Integration
(5) Kaohsiung Cross Harbour Tunnel Traffic and Control System
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