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The position of the community cloud in the state IT environment

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Thanks to advances in virtualization technology, Cloud Computing has become an integral part not only of every industry, but also of state and local government. At Cloud Computing, we know four deployment models: public, private, hybrid, and Bare Metal Cloud. The concept of "Community Cloud" is new and falls somewhere between Public and Private Cloud. It is a hybrid form of private cloud. It is a platform for multiple tenants , which allows different organizations to work on a shared platform.

The aim of this post is to provide some answers to the questions: What is a community cloud? What are some examples of a community cloud and what are their use cases? What are the benefits of community clouds? What are the challenges for community clouds and What to consider before adopting the concept of Community Cloud.


František Baranec

Ing. František Baranec, born in 1967 in Čadca. After graduating from mathematical methods at the University of Economics in Bratislava, he worked at the University of Transport and Communications in Žilina as an assistant, later in a private company that focused on software development as an analyst and programmer. In the years 1995-2002 he worked at IBM Slovakia gradually as a member of the product team, a salesman for selected large projects and a manager of the Enterprise Systems Group team. From 2003 to 2017, he first worked at Cisco systems as a sales representative for the public sector market segment, later as a team leader of a business group for the public sector and finally as a country leader for Slovakia. Since 2018, he has…
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