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Branislav Magula

Solution Architect, HP Enterprise Services, Hewlett-Packard Slovakia
Branislav Magula joined HP in 2006 as a solution architect for the project National Gateway for Schengen Information System II. He participated on the project delivery as a solution architect and business analyst. His main responsibilities were to define the scope and best practices used for the analysis and design phase, to coordinate team of analysts and to support business analysis in cooperation with the customer. Currently he works as a solution architect on Schengen related projects and he is supporting also foreign HP offices in the countries preparing to entry Schengen area. In addition he focuses on Healthcare business domain where HP has strong position and lot of long-term experiences in worldwide measure. His responsibility is to acquire HP know-how and to transform it to Slovak specific conditions. Before joining HP, he worked as a software engineer and head of section responsible for Internet banking and Intranet development in the 3rd biggest bank in Slovakia, Tatra banka. At the beginning of his career, he worked as a software engineer, team leader and project manager in Siemens PSE, with focusing on software development for future generations of mobile telecommunication technologies on the project called Systems Beyond 3G. He obtained his Master degree at the Slovak Technical University in Telecommunications.
  • Experiences with eHealth Solutions   |   Kongres ITAPA 2009: Art of eServices
    Process of computerization of the healthcare services and other services in the public health domain are ones of the most discussed and very sensitively perceived government services. Electronic healthcare services concern all the citizens as the patients and also healthcare professionals. As they will use these services everyday to protect and save health and life, the citizens as well as professional users of these services expect perfect and highly available services. Most of the information related to our health is private and confidential and therefore the solution has to be reliable and trustworthy.
    How were these challenges solved in other countries, which have already used eHealth for years? What are their experiences? We will introduce the solutions delivered by HP in the world with the focus on the solutions delivered in Spain, which is one of pioneering countries in eHealth services in the European Union.
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