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Radek Levíček

Director of Berit Division, Asseco Central Europe
After graduating from VŠZ College of Forestry in Brno - specialisation in forest management, finance and economics, Radek Levíček worked in companies R.V.Poppe and Collection as sales manager and official company representative.

In 1994 he joined EuroTel Praha  where he started as sales manager for small and medium customers. Later he accepted position of business director, responsible for all corporate sales, including business development department. He dealt with an integration of corporate customer service into corporate sales structure, partner program management and methodical management for technical support.
In 2006 he started to work for ADW Holding as CEO and member of board of directors. He was responsible for whole group strategy and productivity increase.
Since 2008 Radek Levíček works in Asseco Central Europe as director for BERIT division. He is responsible for new division strategy and operations.
  • Work Processes in Spacial Data within Administration   |   Kongres ITAPA 2009: Art of eServices
    Series of layers of digital spatial data are used in public administration (state administration authorities, regional offices and in municipalities). The most used are: (purpose) cadastre map, technical map, spatial analytical data. These data are collected, updated, displayed, made available for users and manipulated in various applications.
    As we in more detail analyse processes that are held in administration of particular layers, we find out that they are similar. Is it possible to draft a single model of processes that would enable processing of all above levels together? Can such model be used in administration of prepared digital map of public administration in the Czech Republic? Results of formal process analysis show yes.
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