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Alan Chang

Research Engineer, Institute of Information Industry, Taiwan
Bachelor of Advertising
National Chengchi University, Taiwan
Jan. 2000 ~ Present  Project Manager
Institute for Information Industry
Project Experience
1. ICT Development Project –Burkina Faso, West Africa (2009)  
(1) Planned and Implemented a three-weeks IT Security training courses in Taiwan for government officials of Burkina Faso
(2) Organized a delegation consisting 8 companies from Taiwan to attend the SITICO Exhibition and organized ICT product seminars and training courses.
2. International Market Software Development Project of MOEA, Taiwan (2009)  
Assisted the software vendors from Taiwan to explore the international market.
3. ICT Exhibition Project of MOFA,. Taiwan (2007~2008)  
Held the ICT exhibition for the Ministry of Foreign Affair (MOFA) of Taiwan to promote the ICT products in the market of Africa, Central America and Central Europe.
4. Computer Courses Development Project for Indigenous People,Taiwan (2005~2006)
Held the computer courses in remote area of Taiwan. Trained over 3000 indigenous people with basic and professional computer skill in 100 remote sites of Taiwan.
5. Computer Courses Development Project, Taiwan (2000~2005)
Held the computer courses for children and senior citizens in Taipei. Trained over 10000 people with basic and professional computer skill.
  • eLearning in Universities of Taiwan   |   Kongres ITAPA 2009: Art of eServices
    e-Learning has been adopted in majority of universities in Taiwan for years for the purpose of facilitating teaching, learning and administration. Two successful implementations of e-Learning in universities in Taiwan are introduced.
    The first implementation of e-Learning is the Moddle free ware, a free and open source e-Learning software platform, used in the Ming Chuan University by more than 20,000 students and faculty members. The second implementation is a Learning Management System (LMS) named iCan. It is an e-Learning platform developed by the Chinese Culture University (CCU) for its regular academic education and School of Continuing Education, benefiting more than 80,000 users. iCan has been well developed as a commercial e-Learning product and served as LMS for many other organizations and universities.     
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