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Uuno Vallner

Head of eGovernment Unit, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication, Estonia


Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Department of State Information Systems, head of eGovernment Unit,



1983 PhD, Scientific Academia, USSR, Moskva

1970 University of Tartu, mathematics



1970-1991 Institute of Information, scientist, head of department

1992-2000 State Chancellery, department of state information systems

2001- Ministry of Economics Affairs and Communications, head of eGovernment division




Bronze medal Scientific Academia, USSR, Moscow (exhibition of information systems) -1974

Person of Year 2002 (Association of Estonian Information Technology and Telecommunications Companies) as architect of X-road and eCitizens environment in Estonia - 2003



Initiator of IT infrastructure projects in Estonia: Single point entry to government resources, portal (I decide today), portals of Estonian government and prime minister, middleware X-tee, eCitizen environment KIT ( and Coordinator of interoperability framework of Estonia and architect of state information systems.


Member of Pan-European eGovernment Services Committee (European Commission, IDABC), member of eGovernment subgroup (European Commission, INFSO) and member of EC IDABC interoperability expert groups (European Interoperability Framework, European Interoperability Strategy, eID Interoperability, Open Source Software, National Interoperability Framework Observatory).

  • Estonian eID Infrastructure   |   Kongres ITAPA 2009: Art of eServices
    Topics of presentation: eID infrastructure policy, legal framework of eID, organisational framework, Estonian ID-card, mobileID, usage of ID-card, authentication policy,  Population Register and Personal Identification Code, X-Road  and  authorisation principles, interoperability with other countries. Cases of eiDM applications: Citizen Portal; Estonian Tax and Custom portal; Internet voting; e-Scool;   Internet banking; eHealth; ID-ticketing; “replacement” of drivers, documents, student card, health insurance card, reader’s card , shopping card. Future trends and current development projects .
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