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Samuel Arbe

Samuel Arbe works as a consultant for the World Bank and a collaborator of the ITAPA conference. In Slovakia, he launched and managed the Operational Program Effective Public Administration for 6 years, which to this day contributes to the higher quality of the public sector and public services. His expertise is increasing the efficiency of public institutions and digital transformation.
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Ľubomír Straka

technology editor
Ľubomír Straka - TV presenter, editor-in-chief of Techpedia.SK and Svet Technológii (TV TA3), producer, expert in media, communication and television video production. He has been working in the media since 1997 (STV, TV Luna, TA3). He is the author of the most popular TV show TA3 – World of Technologies (according to the Gfk survey), which he produces and also moderates. He participated as an author in more than 3000 parts of various television shows, which he himself moderated. He has been engaged in economic journalism for a long time (Finance and Economics, Reality show). His TV show project Manažment is also well-known, with which he discussed topics for successful company management together with experts. He regularly moderates pro…
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