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Discussion of invited speakers:
Peter Blaškovitš, SIEA 
Lukáš Demovič, SAV
Emil Fitoš, ITAS  
Radovan Furmann, CEIT
Ivan Kasanický, SAS Slovakia
Peter Semančík, Resco
Branislav Valach, Resco

Emil Fitoš

After studies and business, Emil Fitoš spent more than 20 years of his working life at Siemens and later at Atos. In 2014, he became CEO of Atos Slovakia and Czech Republic. Under his leadership, Atos was one of the leading companies on the market with a significant innovative contribution. On 21 June 2017, he was elected President of the IT Association of Slovakia and will defend the position in 2019, 2021 and 2023. He serves as an advisor to the Slovak Government and Deputy Chairman of the Slovak Government Council for the Digitization of the Public Sector and the Digital Single Market. He also influences the digitalisation of Slovakia through his involvement in the activities of the Digital Coalition and the Centre for Artificial Inte…
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Branislav Valach

Branislav Valach is an experienced sales representative who has been with Resco since 2011. Over the past 8 years, he has been able to follow the gradual evolution of the classic understanding of CRM for merchants to its present form - as a comprehensive relationship and process management system across the company. range. He is currently in charge of the project Better Municipality - a software solution for smart cities.
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Ivan Kasanický

SAS Slovakia
Ivan Kasanický has obtained his doctoral degree in Probability and Mathematical Statistics from Charles University in Prague. During his career, he worked within the Czech Academy of Sciences where he modeled traffic flow, household energy consumption, and created prediction models for electricity produced from renewable sources. Also, he was one of the organizer of Modelling Smart Grids conference, which takes place in Prague every year. Later he joined a startup company in Austria as a Head of Data Science, and was developing models for new urban mobility, e.g., parking spots occupancies, or finding out how long would a car-sharing car wait for the next driver. Today, he is a Data Scientist at SAS company, where he is looking for ways …
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Peter Semančík

Peter Semančík works as a Business Development Manager for Central and Eastern Europe. His mission is to spread the idea and education on how Resco technology and Resco solutions can help and solve problems of individual companies that are looking for efficiency and optimization of business processes.
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Radovan Furmann

He has been designing production and logistics systems with the support of digital enterprise tools for more than ten years. At CEIT, he manages large-scale projects using the most advanced technologies of the Digital and Virtual Enterprise and their transfer to practice in industrial enterprises. He is engaged in research and development activities in the field of intelligent solutions, which are part of the Factory Twin technology concept.
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Lukáš Demovič

Slovak Academy Of Science
Lukáš Demovič studied chemical physics at the Faculty of Science, Charles University, where he researched the properties of atoms and small molecules using computer simulations. Since 2017, he has been the director of the Center for Joint Activities of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, which, among other activities, is also involved in the operation of the most powerful supercomputer facilities intended for wide academic use. As part of the EuroCC project, this organization also covers the activities of the National Competence Center for High-Performance Computing, through which it provides a wide range of free services (education, consulting, access to computing) not only for academia and public administration, but also for Slovak small a…
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Peter Blaškovitš

Národná vodíková asociácia Slovenska
He is a member of the Executive Committee of the National Hydrogen Association of Slovakia. He has held various prominent positions in both the private and public sectors. He has served on many advisory bodies such as the Government Council for Science , Technology and Innovation. He was a member of the Monitoring Committee for the Operational Programme Environmental Quality. He was also a member of the Executive Committee of TAFTIE (European Network of Innovation Agencies). He is co-author of the National Hydrogen Strategy adopted by the Slovak Government. He has significantly reformed the system of renewable energy allowances for households, which has contributed to an improved and more efficient use of EU funds and more targeted suppo…
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