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Discussion of invited guests:
Jana Bieliková, PEDAL Consulting
Michal Číž, MIRRI
Peter Kulich, Slovensko.Digital
Jaroslav Lexa, Public Procurement Office
Tomas Matraia, The AdWisers 
Vladimír Oros, Tatratender

Michal Číž

Michal has more than 10 years of experience working in state administration and the non-governmental sector. Currently, Michal's mission within SAPIE is to implement and develop projects with a focus on promoting innovative and digital policies and strategies, building an innovative ecosystem and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the implementation of digital and innovative solutions. Among other things, Michal is responsible for the implementation of the HOPERO project, which is the European center for digital innovations. Through its services, HOPERO helps small and medium-sized enterprises and public institutions implement digital solutions, especially with the use of artificial intelligence tools. In the past, Mi…
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Jaroslav Lexa

Office for Public Procurement
Jaroslav Lexa has been involved in public procurement since the mid-1990s. He uses his practical experience from carrying out various purchasing processes (through VO rules) in teaching and educational activities. He promotes the application of innovative procedures in this area, including responsible procurement, especially the social aspect and environmental protection. From 2018 to 2020, he worked as the director of the Institute of Public Procurement at the Office for Public Procurement, where he mainly deals with analytical work, building a pro-client approach and education in the field of public procurement. After being appointed as the vice-chairman of the Office for Public Procurement, he acts as a member of the Council of t…
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Vladimír Oros

Vladimír Oros is managing director of Tatra Tender which provides consulting services in the field of public procurement. He has been dealing with public procurement for more than twenty years. He started his professional career at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Slovak Republic and later held a management position in Slovenské elektrárne. He has also worked with the Public Procurement Office for a long time, first as a member of the Opposition and currently a member of the Appeals Committee. He studied law at Comenius University in Bratislava.
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Tomas Matraia

The AdWisers
Tomas Matraia is the CEO of the international strategic advisory group The AdWisers The group is specialised in strategic intelligence, leadership & policy analysis, along with internationalisation, innovation & capacity building for the private and public sector. Mr. Matraia is a seasoned international policy expert and business negotiator, having worked for more than 15 years within United Nations, European Commission, Academia and the private sector. He designed and managed multimillion programmes, projects, facilitated strategic initiatives combining STRI, Industry, SDGs including international ministerial agreements and EU high-level policy dialogues. His current efforts focus on re-inventing how innovatio…
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Jana Bieliková

PEDAL Consulting
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Peter Kulich

He has been active in the field of e-Government for more than ten years. Since 2018, he has worked at Slovensko.Digital as a senior expert on topics such as cloud, public procurement and OpenAPI. Between 2021 and 2023, he held the position of executive director at Slovensko.Digital. He currently works at the technology company Gerulata Technologies, j.s.a. He still works as a board member in Slovensko.Digital.
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