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How to build a data city

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The new agile approach to the planning of the cities of the future seems to be ideal thanks to three tools for better planning: Data that we can use to develop artificial intelligence, balanced partnerships that support participation and fair data economy, and experimentation that helps us to look into future. The vision of a data-driven city is to change the operational model of the city to digital in the era of artificial intelligence. Such a digital operating model can handle any emergency situation, because it can efficiently redirect resources and does not need to involve people of flesh and blood for simple operational tasks - intelligent algorithms are sufficient. Presentation will also provide practical examples of better planning and what works in practice, but also what are the risks of this approach and what we must avoid in the future.

Dagmar Ceľuchová Bošanská

Dagmar Celuchova Bosanska founded companies Alistiq and CareWave and is an expert in innovations and digital transformations with many years of experience. In a data-driven era, she helps states and cities to come up with new solutions and offer value-added services to their citizens and businesses. Dagmar studied information technology, mobile communications and statistical signal processing at the Vienna University of Technology where she was also a part of a research team developing technology simulators for the fourth-generation mobile networks. In the company Frequentis, she was responsible for the safety and correct implementation, integration and optimization of the world’s first IP-based radio networking and communication system …
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