Next-Gen SOC for a post-pandemic SecOps

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We are living through difficult times that require a new approach in general and in Security Operations in particular. These exceptional era that we are experiencing requires a new beginning. A new epoch where technology plays an instrumental role. From ensuring the right people have the right access to the right resources at the right time, to guaranteeing that intellectual property and sensitive information is protected and defended. It is fundamental that we embrace the coming months -even years- adapting and adopting a shift in perception and collaborating -not fighting- disciplines such as Machine Learning. The time has come to accelerate the digital highways that enable remote working and education, being serviced from afar and connecting with our loved ones. Controlling and monitoring what is happening from/to/through a network has become a board mandate and a business imperative.

By attending this session, the delegate will be able to start the conversation on what is required in this challenging times in the world of SecOps: not a digital transformation but a radical innovation; doing different things differently. Besides, she/he will be able to comprehend the dimensions of Effectiveness, Efficiency, Threat Detection, Monitoring, Control and Accountability from a Security Operations perspective. This is what is required. This is what is needed to endure in this post-pandemic era.


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