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Coronavirus fundamentally changes the general perception of the use of digital technologies. Citizens expect easy but at the same time secure access to verified information from central sources and the use of a wide range of services at the level of the state and local government. Direct democracy is also about electronic elections and voting at all levels, from the parliamentary elections to the referendum on planting flowers on your street. The aim is to guarantee the reliability, quality, speed and transparency of the whole process, but the new challenges also address aspects of the health and safety of the voter.

Vladimír Čavojec

INDRA Slovakia
He has been working as a Sales Manager at INDRA Slovakia since June 2009 and act as a member of its Supervisory Board. Being responsible for the traditional market of utility and energy companies, his business activities target the development of new markets of state and public administration, and also other segments of commercial customers. He has more than 20 years of experience in multinational corporations and several successful projects behind him, overseeing marketing of comprehensive projects and delivering value-added services to customers from government, financial and other segments at IBM, HP and SAP.
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